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roadtriprestingI’m a Jesus loving, photo taking, road tripping, Michigander named Jill, who loves to write.  I also enjoy dancing around my house like a fool (when I’m home alone), family tree research, super hero movies, postcard collecting, ice cream, and smelling lilacs.  I am older than 30 according to my birth date, but on the inside I am 7.  And I am in this life for the fun!

I firmly believe that people need to be loved far more than they need to be corrected.  I believe that Jesus loved people first, and they chose to change because they saw who they could be when they looked into His eyes.  I also agree with Bill Johnson when he said, “All of God’s judgments are aimed at whatever interferes with His love.”

I loathe being am learning to be still.  Hence the name of this blog

Most of this blog will be encouragement but on occasion you’ll get some of my family history, and a few random thoughts.  I hope you like what you read and are encouraged and/or inspired.

Have a mah-ve-lous day!

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