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roadtriprestingI’m a Jesus loving, photo taking, road tripping, Michigander named Jill, who loves to write.  I also enjoy dancing around my house like a fool (when I’m home alone), family tree research, super hero movies, postcard collecting, ice cream, and smelling lilacs.  I am older than 30 according to my birth date, but on the inside I am 7.  And I am in this life for the fun!

I firmly believe that people need to be loved far more than they need to be corrected.  I believe that Jesus loved people first, and they chose to change because they saw who they could be when they looked into His eyes.  I also agree with Bill Johnson when he said, “All of God’s judgments are aimed at whatever interferes with His love.”

I loathe being am learning to be still.  Hence the name of this blog

Most of this blog will be encouragement but on occasion you’ll get some of my family history, and a few random thoughts.  I hope you like what you read and are encouraged and/or inspired.

Have a mah-ve-lous day!


  1. Rebecca Humphrey says:

    I truly enjoyed reading your blog. I came across your blog while doing genealogy. My interest is in the Moses Densmore & Lydia Allard. The line of their union, I am looking into is Caroline Densmore m. John Mc Dowell (other spellings Mc Donell/ Mc Doinel: Occupation; Shoemaker). What I have found out is Caroline and John had two daughters: Agnes ( b. 25 Dec 1867) and Jessie (b. 7 June 1871 Detroit). Jessie was my Great grandfather first wife m. Alexander J. Smith ( b. 27 Dec 1870 – 1940 Occupation: Shoemaker & Tailor). Jessie and Alexander had 4 children Frank (1891- 1897), Clarence ( b. Sep 1893), Anna ( 1895- 1902), and Agnes ( b. Jul 1897) Jessie and Alex divorced on 9 Dec 1901.

    My grandfather was from the second marriage of Alexander J. Smith. I have been trying for years to find information on Jessie & Alexander’s fate. I am still looking for Clarence & miss Agnes. You may have seen Alexander (Alec/ Alex/ Aleck) family listed in a residence with Lydia( Littie) Denmores. At that residence also was Laura “Annie” Crawford on Brick St. in Detroit as stated in the 1900 census. Then in 1910, Clarence was living with Laura Crawford, Mary Dicks ( Dix) and Wm J Dicks in Greenfield, Michigan.

    Take Care & God Bless,
    Rebecca Smith Humphrey

  2. jonsimonsen says:

    Hi There – I came across this while doing research as well…but I’m from the Grizzard side. I’m working on the greater family tree at wikitree.org and would like to use you as a source for some of your information if that is OK. I’d also love to re-post your photo of Major Tiller Grizzard (and any others you have access to!). Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks! – Jon

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