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In Appreciation of the Dedication

I enjoy the privilege of appreciating the fruit of people’s hard work, dedication, passion, and training.

I’m continually inspired by artists, photographers, sculptures, writers, choreographers, dancers, directors, and all the other creators out there.

In that vein…this photo is breathtakingly beautiful to me. While Gene Kelly played Gene Kelly in every movie he ever acted in, his choreography and creativity blow me away every time.  What about Cyd Charisse?  What can you say when you look at her in this image but stunning!  To hold herself in that position takes incredible talent, and years of training.

Point to ponder while you wander…What is it that you are passionate about?

Maybe it’s the arts.

Maybe it’s engineering or innovating software or machinery. 

Maybe it’s education or politcs or medicine. 

Maybe it’s your kiddos and family.

Maybe it’s being a pastor or running an orphan home.

Wherever you passion lies…go for it with all you have! Be a driving force for good in your chosen field. Leave a legacy with your passion, dedication, and hard work.

Note: I always credit photographers and artists but the image above was posted on FB by Gene Kelly The Legacy without a photographer credit. It could be a still from Brigadoon or a photo. Either way I don’t know who to credit. Sorry.