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A few thoughts on seeds…

I saw this as I was walking to lunch today, and I heard very clearly, “Some seeds are very easily spread.” 

Dandelion seeds certainly are. I always saw them as fun yellow polka dots in the sea of green lawn. But Papa saw them as grass killers! 🤤

It’s in the vein of killer weeds that I’ve been pondering how easily seeds of discord & gossip, seeds of doubt & fear spread. And how speedily those seeds can multiply. 

But it takes much longer to cultivate seeds of trust, faith, love, and hope.

This is because those seeds need to be planted, cultivated, nurtured, and that requires effort. And time. 

Much effort and much time.

Your words are seeds.

Your words are seeds in your life. 

Yor words are seeds in other people’s lives.

What kinds of seeds are you sowing? What are you speaking? What are you believing? 

Point to ponder while you wander…”A man has joy by the answer of his mouth, And a word spoken in due season, how good it is!” Proverbs 15:23 NKJV


While I was working in the yard today, I found this new little tree (see photo) and it blew me away. The seed wasn’t even in the ground, it was lying on the ground, but it had sent the roots down and the stem up. Without any assistance from anyone the seed did what it was made to do, it grew.

Seeds are fascinating. They are tiny seemingly inconsequential things. But inside them are plants of all kinds…mighty oak trees, fruit trees, beautiful flowers, vegetable plants, weeds, and even poisonous plants.

There’s a lot in the Word about seeds and reaping what you sow. All seeds are designed to take root and grow. That’s just what they do. So be careful what seeds you are sowing in your life and the lives of others.