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Chickens Don’t Have Belly Buttons?

annegeddesToday’s fun fact is that animals that lay eggs don’t have belly buttons. Only mammals have belly buttons.  Soooooo that means dogs and cats have them. Cows and elephants have them. Even whales and dolphins have bellybuttons.

Frogs, fish, lizards, and chickens., however, do not have bellybuttons.  How sad for them!

If you want to read about some belly button love….check this out… http://www.bellybuttonlove.com/

Photo Credit: Anne Geddes

You…You…You…Stamp Licker!

Collect Used Stamps For Charity

Today’s fun fact: Licking a stamp burns 10 calories.

That being said.  I have two questions for you!  Do you like getting fun mail?  Do you want to burn calories licking stamps?  If you said yes to both of these questions, then do I have the site for you!!!!  It’s called Postcrossing.  http://www.postcrossing.com/

The premise of Postcrossing is that you set up a profile telling a little about you and what you like.  Then you send a postcard or a few to people in random places in the world.  Then when the person receives it, they log in the postcard.  Once they do that then someone will get your name and send you a postcard.  Once you log it in then they’ll get one…and so on…and so on and so on.

If you choose to do this, you’ll need to know that postcards within the US are $.33 for 3X5 or 4X6 and $.46 (a forever stamp) for larger than 4X6.  Postcards to anywhere else in the world cost $1.10.  If you have further questions your friendly postal workers can help you.  They’re good like that.

Happy Friday!

PS If you don’t like licking stamps they do have self sticking stamps at the USPS too.

PSS Send real mail.  It makes people smile.

PSSS Sending real mail also supports the USPS.  My brother-in-law works for USPS, so I appreciate you sending real mail too.

PSSSS People who collect stamps are called philatelists.  I personally think philatelists are cool.

PSSSSS I am a USPS supporting philatelist that makes me cool.

PSSSSSS USPS means United States Postal Service.

Incredible and Edible

When I was a kid, I loved going to NaNa & Boppie’s and helping NaNa with her massive garden and feeding the chickens.  Although I must admit the chickens scared me a little bit.  It all stems from getting pecked in the forehead whilst trying to collect eggs.  My Mom tells me the scar on my forehead is from chicken pox, but I personally believe it’s from that vicious hen who tried to take my eye out!

Anyway…..after the eggs were collected, we took them to the cabin to be washed and sorted.  Nana had this little egg scale that we used to measure what size the eggs were.  I personally found this to be super fun!  Especially when the eggs measured as “extra large” because that meant they were probably a double yolker!  I was always pumped for my life when I got a double yolker.

I got to wondering, because I like random facts, what is the record for yolks in one egg?  I found multiple places that said 9, so I’m going to go with that.  Can you imagine the size of an egg that has 9 yolks in it?  Now that is an omelet!

So your fun fact for this Friday is that the most yolks in a single egg is 9.  For more fun egg facts…check out this link:  http://www.poultryhelp.com/oddeggs.html

Have a fabulous Friday!