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John 3:18 No Condemnation

“So now there is no longer any condemnation for those who believe in Him, but the unbeliever already lives under condemnation because they do not believe in the Name of God’s beloved Son.”John 3:18 TPT

We are free from condemnation, so please stop beating yourself up! Be kind to yourself. Love yourself right where you are now. Give yourself some grace as you heal, learn, and grow. Papa God loves you right now, unconditionally. Please love yourself that way.

Something to ponder while you wander…as you love yourself so will you love others. (Love thy neighbor as ye love thyself).

PS A note about our treatment of non-believers, please remember this verse in its context. Papa God so loves the world. He desires us to be kind and show His love so the world will choose to come out from under condemnation by believing and receiving all Jesus came to give them.

Bonus pondering point…God’s benefits are so good and His abundance so vast that He always has more than enough for everyone. You will not lose a single solitary thing by sharing Jesus. That person will not and cannot take your place in the kingdom, as everyone has a good spot. God will not love them more than you, as His love is constant. His love does not grow, change, nor diminish. They cannot steal what meant for you, God secures what’s yours (Psalm 16:5).

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