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Behind the Scenes 

Sometimes I like the behind the scenes on a DVD more than the actual movie. To hear about what it took to write, cast, produce, and film the movie inspires me. The process of movie making fascinates me.

The process…. ah the process…

In my own life I loathe the process it takes to get me from point A to point B. I pout and whine and beg God to move faster or just pick me up and drop me in a new place like Dorothy into Oz.

But the truth is that the journey is the interesting part, not the arrival.

Don’t believe me? 

Think about the movies you love. 

It’s the journey that draws you in and causes you to root for someone. Their journey, not their arrival. Watching them go from the cocoon to flying is what inspires us.

So if this is true…and it is…why don’t we get that we are on our own journey? Why can’t we easily submit to the growth process? Rather than beating ourselves up for not being perfect or being frustrated that something we desire is out of reach? 

Why aren’t we rooting each other on behind the scenes? Why do we expect perfection from ourselves and others?

Point to ponder while you wander…You are on a journey be kind and gracious to yourself. Believe in yourself.

Those around you are also on a journey, encourage them. Cheer for them. Believe in them.

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