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Waxing Poetic

Waxing poetic? What does that even mean?

I think of it as glossing over the negative and speaking of a topic as if it were 100% beautiful. Kinda like how high school glory days get better and better as you age. Kinda like someone telling tall tales or  b.s.ing a great story that’s short on facts and high in entertainment value.

The definition I found was this…to speak in an increasingly enthusiastic and poetic manner. It can imply enthusiasm or refer to flowery writing or speech.

Why am I talking about waxing poetic today? No idea…just randomly drifted through my brain and I like the way it sounds.  🌞 ha ha

On another random note..I dreamt about my junior high school friends last night. It was a very enjoyable dream until it was invaded by a high school boyfriend. It was strange because I knew he didn’t belong there. He really didn’t. He went to a rival school.

Anyway he kept smiling at me. It was weird.

So when I woke up I prayed for the people in the dream. Including the ex-boyfriend.

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