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Little Irritations? Or Reasons to Rejoice?

Picture it. Saturday. A lovely rainy Saturday. Perfect excuse to stay in my apartment and read (or binge watch a show). But there was a break in the weather so I hopped on the bus and went to the grocery store. So adult-like and responsible of me, don’t you think?

I get my groceries, and get in line. I put all the cold stuff together so it would be easier for the cashier to pack. Then I hand the cashier my reusable bags and my cooler bag for the cold and frozen items. She threw most everything in the freezer bag except the cold stuff. I could have been annoyed. But I just shook my head, told her to have a good day, exited the store, and repacked my bags.

Then I walk the block to the bus stop.  The sky goes dark, and as I am talking to the nice man next to me an accident happens right in front of us. No one was hurt thankfully, but the one driver is irate! So I start to call the police to let them know there’s an accident, since the people involved are just screaming at each other, and blocking traffic.

As I am dialing…the wind kicks up and the sky opens, drenching me and my groceries instantly. I’m now soaked to the skin talking to a police dispatcher who wants me to give her licence plates that I cannot really see from my vantage point, but I do my best to answer her questions, and get off the phone.

Then I just started laughing at the ridiculousness of my day right at that moment. I ended up getting the two other soaked people at the bus stop to laugh too. What else are you gonna do? Be mad at the rain? That’s pretty much a waste of time.

It’s gonna rain, friends. Fact of life. 

About 5 minutes later the bus arrives. So I board the bus, and it dawns on me that I forgot to buy a lime. Crap! I’m making cilantro lime rice and a mexican type chicken in the crock pot. I need a lime.

Lesson: Look at your list BEFORE leaving the store. Reason to be thankful: I can feel the rain. I am physically able to carry my groceries. My eggs didn’t break. I got $10 in free groceries. 

So I go home. Dry off. Change. Put the groceries away. And start preparing to make the chicken and rice. Promptly spill diced tomatoes on the rug I just washed last week. Awesome. Throw that back in the washer.

Then I walk to the closest grocery store on the next rain break, to buy a lime. Get on the bus to go home because the sky looked a tad menacing yet again. But because of a 5K on my street, down from my apartment, the bus has been diverted.  So I walk nearly as far as I would have from the grocery store. But it didn’t rain on me! So I’ll take it as a win.

When I cut the lime in half, I found another reason to be thankful! A very juicy lime!! I got so much juice from this one little lime that I had enough for both the rice and the chicken. 😀 

So I make the rice. And promptly spill some on the floor.  

Lesson: Sweeping fresh rice is not easy. Had to wash the floor. Reasons to be thankful: I only lost a handful of rice in the spill. My floor is now clean, as is my rug. I can see the rice to be able to clean it up. I have an apartment with a nice kitchen, and pots, pans, and utensils to cook with. I have a washer in my apartment to wash the rug. I am physically able to walk home, and to clean my floor. I have food to cook. It started pouring again shortly after I entered my apartment, so I am also grateful I made it home dry! 

Point to ponder while you wander…

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